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Knik River Public Use Area Planning:

Listen to Senate Resources Committee hearing of April 27, 2007 and testimony.
Listen to Senate Finance Committee hearing of May 3, 2007; hear testimony and the good news when Sen. Lyda Green added additional funding for law enforcement and Sen. Con Bunde added a user-fee option to the legislation.

Matanuska River 
“Get Ready for Zoning Changes Along the Matanuska River,” MATANUSKA RIVER EROSION CONTROL Proposed Rules, KTUU - Channel 2 - Video March 13, 2007. Read KTUU article.

Racetrack Ordinance:
Listen to the recording of the Assembly meeting, November 21, 2006 including public hearing and Assembly discussion extending the Core Area Racetrack Ordinance to the entire Borough. Recording is courtesy of Radio Free Palmer.
December 19, 2006 Assembly Meeting. Includes public hearing and discussion on amendments to racetrack ordinance. Recording is courtesy of Radio Free Palmer.
Iron Dog Race Gets Go-Ahead by Mat-Su”, Anchorage Daily News, Rindi White. Story recaps Assembly Meeting of December 19 with discussion on Amendments to Racetrack Ordinance and formation of a committee of racers and residents to “find middle ground.”
Our comment:”Loosening of rules to allow a circle track next door is not negotiable.”

Knik River “View Shed”. This unedited half-hour video is quite boring. It’s a view of the unique experience offered to  residents along Knik River Road  every weekend.  Please be patient for this to download. The quality isn’t good, but neither is the dust, noise and gunfire at the “motor park” that the Knik River Valley has become.  It keeps most residents in their homes. Normal people know that this is no place to take their families for a picnic.
The 1/2 hour video shows the view from Knik River Road. This is not the high quality “view shed” which the Mat-Su Coastal Zone Management Plan envisions.  It explains why most residents wish for rain on weekends. It’s what residents who live within at least a mile have to deal with all summer long. Watch the swirling ever-changing sculptures of dust rising above the trees, seeping into the surrounding neighborhoods. Residents up to a distance of a mile from the action cannot get away from the noise and dust. They have valid concerns for their safety. They cannot relax in their homes to recharge their batteries for another week of work. They cannot stroll along the river to walk their dogs, skip rocks with their kids.
It demonstrates why residents and visitors, out for a drive or a little picknick cannot use this area of the Mat-Su Valley to camp, picnic, hike, enjoy the scenery or just park their RV, haul out the chairs and “watch the river go by.” Economic development which would attract visitors to our spectacular area has turned into dust.
Residents had hoped that the Knik River Public Use Area Management Plan would help restore sanity to recreation in Butte and provide economic opportunities to our community. You have until September 24, 2008 to ask Commissioner Tom.Irwin@alaska.gov to reconsider this destructive Plan and fix it to return peace to this community and stop the destruction of our surroundings.